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Diagnostics Labour
Basic Diagnostic - Identify problems in your system with recommendations for repair FREE!

Software Services Labour
Create Recovery Disk for New System
- Includes system recovery USB key
- Remove unnecessary software
- Install Windows updates and Microsoft Security Essentials
- Install free applications
Application Installation (Windows)
- Applications such as (Browsers and Zip Programs) are installed at NO CHARGE!
- Other Software (Which you provide) such as (Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat,
  Virus Detection Applications, etc..) Costs $14.99 Per application
- Update all applications to the latest versions
- Install additional addons required by the applications
- Test and run each application to make sure it's functioning correctly
Operating System Installation (Windows)
- Install all drivers and Windows updates
- Install Microsoft Security Essentials
- Remove unnecessary software
- Operating System software not included
Driver Installation
- Installation of missing driver and update to the latest available driver.
Virus Removal
- Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, spyware, etc.
- Includes Norton or MacAfee Antivirus software with latest updates
BIOS Update
- Update BIOS to the latest version while retaining previous BIOS settings.
Email Back up
- Back up all emails and contacts, restore back to your system.

System Build Price
Standard System Assembly $39.99
Additional Services
- Water Cooling, Cable Management, RAID Configuration

System Services Price
System Dust Removal $24.99
Backup and Fresh Windows Installation
- Personalized account setup
- Windows and driver updates
- Removal of unnecessary software
- Creation of recovery media
- Anti-virus/security installation
- Data transfer (up to 2TB)
- Software installation (software not included)

Hardware Upgrade Price
Processor / CPU
Video Card
Network Card
Sound Card
Optical Drive (DVD or Blu-Ray)
Power Supply
CPU Fan and Heatsink
Water Cooler
Hard Drive or Solid State Drive
Case / Chassis

Data Services Price
Data Backup / Cost is Per 1TB, $20 Per Additional 1TB
- Backup data to external hard drive